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The Construction Department is responsible for all road and bridge construction projects administered through the Butler County Engineer's Office. This work entails plan review plus preparation of contract estimates, proposals, and bid documents. The department coordinates the relocation of all utilities in the construction area and inspects the contractors' work to ensure that design specifications are met and that projects are completed in a timely and cost-effective manner. Work quantities and invoices are reviewed and forwarded to the Auditor's Office for payment. At the completion of projects, the department performs a final inspection before final payment is released to the contractor.

Private development work that will later become county or township infrastructure is inspected by this department and monitored by the department to ensure compliance with standards.

The Construction Department also works with other governmental agencies that fund local projects, such as County and Township Tax Increment Financing (TIF) and Residential Incentive District (RID) projects. Federal Aid projects are handled through Local Public Agency (LPA) contracts and State-funded projects are administered through this department in the form of Issue 1 grants and loans, Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), and Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) grants. Projects for townships are also administered through this department.

Subdivision road and drainage structures are inspected for compliance with county subdivision standards before a road becomes township maintenance responsibility. This inspection includes pavement and curb and gutter inspection, as well as video inspection of drainage facilities, as needed.

Permits for driveway installation and reconstruction are issued by the Construction Department. They are inspected for proper construction, drainage, and access visibility. Overload vehicle permits are also issued through the department.

Culvert and pavement inspections are performed for the townships. Contract work generated through these inspections is administered through county contracts.



For an employee contact directory, go to Contact Us.

  • Administration of all capital improvement contracts, including bridge, roadway, and intersection construction and the annual pavement resurfacing program. Contact: Dale Steward
  • Inspection, measurement, and documentation of all pay items. Contact: Dave Quimby, Dale Steward
  • Certifies adherence to specifications and plans. Contact: Dave Quimby, Dale Steward
  • Prepares partial and final payments to all contractors. Contact: Melissa Taylor
  • Project construction inspection. Contact: Dave Quimby
  • Utility Coordination and Relocation -- Gas and water lines, telephone and electric conduit, television cable, and sanitary sewers. Contact: Mark Conner
  • Utility permit review and issuance. Contact: Mark Conner
  • Special hauling permit review and issuance. Contact: Tim Adams (tadams@butlersheriff.org)
  • Download Subdivision Standard Drawings by clicking here.

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