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Standards for Conveyance of Real Property

The Butler County Engineer's Office and the Butler County Auditor's Office are resposible for transferring all real estate that changes ownership in the county and collecting fees and taxes on this activity. We maintain all ownership records, acreage changes, real estate splits, and provide information for maintaining tax plat maps.

Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code (ORC) 319.203, adopted February 16, 1996, the Butler County Auditor and the Butler County Engineer adopted written standards for the conveyance of real property. You may download a copy of these standards to your computer in PDF format:

Storm Water Drainage

This tri-fold brochure outlines property owner responsibilities for proper storm water drainage improvements and maintenance and explains the limits of authority of public agencies. Ditch petitions are also explained.

Performance Bond

Sidewalk Performance Bond

Maintenance Bond


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