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View all projects by year and township. Lots of photos included.

2019 Highlights: Liberty Fairfield Rd widening (completed June 2020) Union Centre/I-75 interchange -DDI (completed August 2020),Princeton Rd widening (Phase 2), Millikin Rd widening, Lanes Mill bridge replacement, CinDay rd improvement (Phase 2), I-75/Tylersville interchange improvement, Hamilton Mason @ Gilmore roundabout.
2018 Highlights: Beckett at Smith roundabout, Myers Rd bridge replacement, Millikin at Yankee roundabout, Ham Mason at LeSvl WC roundabout, Yankee Rd improvement, Ohio 747 improvement, Ham Eaton Rd curve improvement, Cin Day Rd improvement, Princeton Rd improvement
2017 Highlights: Cochran Rd bridge replacement, Civic Centre Blvd extension to Allen Rd at Windisch Rd, Hankins Rd pavement rehabilitation, Yankee Rd improvement (completion in 2018), Browns Run Rd bridge replacement, McCoy Rd bridge replacement
2016 Highlights: Liberty Fairfield Rd improvement, Cin Day at Kyles Stn roundabout, Bonham Rd bridge replacement, Millikin Rd improvement, Wayne Madison Rd improvement, Yankee Rd improvement at Devon Dr, George Rd slip repairs, North Dwyer Rd bridge rehab, Allen Rd at Windisch and Civic Centre Blvd extension
2015 Highlights: Tylersville Rd improvement, Kyles Station Rd widening, Mauds Hughes Rd bridge replacement, Eaton at Beissinger roundabout, Layhigh at Ohio 748 roundabout, Sloebig Rd bridge replacement, Baker Rd bridge replacement, Hart Rd bridge replacement, Beckett Rd improvement
2014 Highlights: Liberty Fairfield Rd widening, Yankee Rd bridge replacement, Cin Day Rd at Ohio 129 improvements, Mauds Hughes Rd bridge replacement, Millikin at Mauds Hughes roundabout, Layhigh Rd bridge replacement,
2013 Highlights: Butler Warren Rd widening, Ohio 4 at Liberty Fairfield Rd improvement, Liberty Fairfield Rd improvement, Kyles Station at Yankee Rd roundabout, Tylersville Rd curve modification, Frazee Rd bridge, Depot Rd bridge, Tylersville Rd improvement at Grace Meadows.
2012 Highlights: Butler Warren Rd widening, Bypass 4 widening, Kyles Station at LeSourdsville WC roundabout, Rialto Rd bridge, Millikin Rd improvement, Princeton Rd improvement, Garner Rd bridge, South Weaver Rd bridge, Stillwell Beckett at North Law, Ham Eaton Rd slip repairs.
2011 Highlights: Tylersville Rd widening, Bypass 4 widening, Ross Hanover Rd bridge, Trenton Rd at Busenbark & Riverside roundabout. Stillwell Beckett Rd at Krucker, Stillwell Beckett Rd at Morman, Wayne Madison at Augspurger, Ham New London Rd drainage.
2010 Highlights: Bypass 4 widening, Ham New London Rd bridge, Reily Millville Rd bridge, North B St bridge, Somerville Rd Bridge, Race Lane Rd bridge, Black Rd bridge, Reily Millville Rd slip repairs, Jacksonburg/Morganthaler roundabout, Cin Day Rd lane addition.
2009 Highlights: Liberty Fairfield Rd bridge, River Rd bridge, Liberty Way interchange, Bauer Rd bridge, Howard Rd bridge, Beissinger Rd improvement, Beckett Rd improvement, UCB improvements.
2008 Highlights: Princeton Rd improvements, Ham Mason widening, Ham Mason Rd roundabout at Lib Ffd / Vinnedge Rd, Lakota Dr West roundabout at Eagleridge, Bethany at Lib Ct and Cin Day, Ohio 747 at Kyles Stn, Indian Creek Rd bridge, LeSourdsville WC Rd bridge.
2007 Highlights: Cin Day improvements in Lib and WC Twps, Muhlhauser Rd at Allen Rd, UCB at Muhlhauser Rd, Gilmore Rd widening, Ross Hanover Rd Bridge, Cin Day at Linn/Summerlin, Kyles Stn Rd at Ohio 4, Bauer Rd bridge, Layhigh Rd bridge, Tolbert Rd bridge.
2006 Highlights: Yankee at Cin Day phases 2&3, Princeton at LeSourdsville West Chester, Stillwell Beckett at Woods Station, Centre Point, Muhlhauser at Allen, Village at Streets of WC.
2005 Highlights: Bethany at Cin Day, Millikin Rd bridge, Ohio 747 at Princeton, Frazee Rd bridge, South Dwyer Rd Bridge, Warwick Rd bridge, Allen Rd bridge, Ohio 747 widening, Cin Day at I-75 NW quadrant.
2004 Highlights: Princeton Rd widening, Decamp Rd bridge, Stahlheber Rd bridge, Howe Rd bridge, Trenton Franklin Rd bridge, Schradin Rd bridge, Stillwell Rd bridge, Ohio 748 at Layhigh, Muhlhauser Rd improvement.
2003 Highlights: Canal Rd bridge, Liberty Fairfield at Millikin, Liberty Fairfield at Princeton, Millikin at Morris, Ohio 747 at Millikin, State Rd bridge, Fairfield Rd bridge, Hine Rd bridge, I-75 widening, Allen Rd at UCB, Cox Rd widening, Port Union Rd widening, VOA Park.
2002 Highlights: Canal Rd improvement, Princeton Rd at Bypass 4, Butler Warren at Bethany, West Alexandria at Elk Creek, California Rd bridge, Eaton Rd at Taylor School, Cin Day Rd widening, University Pointe.

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