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Following is a list of County roads, ie, roads that are maintained by the Butler County Engineer’s Office. If your road is not on this list, then we don’t have maintenance responsibility for it. The BCEO does not maintain city streets, residential and subdivision streets, interstate, U.S. or state routes. Please contact your local city or township, or the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) for maintenance issues on their road systems. County and township road numbers can be found at the bottom of this list.

Butler County Maintained Roads

Alert New London Road – Shradin Road to Ohio 126
Augspurger Road – all
Beckett Road – all
Beissinger Road – Ohio 177 to Eaton Road
Booth Road – North Law Road to U.S. 27
Boyle Road – all
Brookville Road – Indiana state line to Oxford corp.
Brown Road – Oxford corp to Preble County line
Bunker Hill Woods Road – all
California Road – all
Canal Road – Hamilton corp to Headgates Road
Chapel Road – SR 126 to SR 129
Cincinnati Brookville Road – Ohio 126/128 to Hamilton County line
Cincinnati Dayton Road – all to Monroe corp
Contreras Road – Indiana state line to Oxford corp
Cox Road – Tylersville Road to Liberty Way
Crescentville Road – Ohio 4 to Cincinnati Dayton Road
Eaton Road – all
Elk Creek Road – all
Fairfield Road – Indiana state line to Oxford corp
Garner Road – all
Garver Elliot Road – Bunker Hill Woods Road to Woods Station Road
Hamilton Eaton Road – Seven Mile corp to U.S. 127 / U.S. 127 to Somerville corp
Hamilton Mason Road – Tylersville Road to Ohio 747
Hamilton New London Road – Ohio 126 to Hamilton corp.
Headgates Road – all
Howe Road – Elk Creek Road to Trenton Franklin Road
Huston Road – Taylor School Road to Ohio 73
Indian Creek Road – Springfield Road to King Road
Jacksonburg Road – US 127 to Jacksonburg corp. / Jacksonburg corp. to County Line
Jenkins Road – South Wynn Road to Chapel Road
Kyles Station Road – Ohio 4 to Cincinnati Dayton Road
Lakota Drive West – all
Lanes Mill Road – all
Layhigh Road – Chapel Road to Ohio 126
Liberty Fairfield Road – all
Linn Road – all
Main Street – Peoria Reily Road to Sample Road
Middletown Germantown Road – all
Millikin Road – Ohio 4 to Cincinnati Dayton Road
Minton Road – all
Morganthaler Road – all
Morman Road – Ohio 129 to Ohio 130
Muhlhauser Road – Fairfield corp to West Chester Road
New Haven Road – all
North B Street – Hamilton corp to New Miami corp
Nichols Road – Lanes Mill Road to Ohio 177
North Front Street – Vine Street to Ohio 122
North Law Road – Stillwell Beckett Road to Booth Road
Okeana Drewersburg Road – all
Peoria Reily Road – all
Port Union Road – Fairfield corp to Ohio 747
Princeton Road – Begins at Ohio 4 Bypass
Race Lane Road – Alert New London Road to Ohio 126
Reily Millville Road – all
Riggs Road – all
River Road – Hamilton County line to Fairfield corp/Fairfield corp to Fairfield corp
Riverside Drive – South Street to Trenton Road
Robinson Road – all
Ross Hanover Road – Millville corp. to Hamilton corp
School Road – all
Schradin Road – California Road to Alert New London Road
Scott Road – all
Shollenbarger Road – Lanes Mill Road to Ohio 177
Smith Road (West Chester Twp) – Ohio 747 to Beckett Road
Somerville Road – all
South Main Street – Church Street south to Hamilton Eaton Road
South Wynn Road – all
Springfield Road – all
Stahlheber Road – U.S. 27 to Hamilton corp
State Road – Hamilton Eaton Road to Ohio 744
State Line Center Road – CSX Railroad to Oxford Twp line
Stillwell Road – all
Stillwell Beckett Road – all
Taylor School Road – Huston Rd to Seven Mile corp / Seven Mile corp to Jacksonburg Rd
Trenton Road – U.S. 127 to Riverside Drive/ Riverside Drive to Wayne Madison Road
Trenton Franklin Road – all north to Ohio 122 / Vine Street north to Ohio 4
Tylersville Road – Hamilton Mason Rd to Hamilton corp/ Hamilton corp to Fairfield corp/Fairfield corp to Warren County line
Union Centre Boulevard – Fairfield corp to Cincinnati Dayton Road
Wayne Madison Road – Center of Great Miami River to Trenton Corp / Trenton Road
Waynes Trace Road – all
West Alexandria Road – Elk Creek Road to Ohio 122
West Chester Road – Beckett Road to Cincinnati Dayton Road
Woods Station Road – all
Woodsdale Road – all
Yankee Road – Cincinnati Dayton Road to Linn Road


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