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Traffic roundabouts made their first appearances on major Butler County roads in 2008. Modern roundabouts were built at the Hamilton Mason Road / Liberty Fairfield Road / Vinnedge Road intersection as well as at the Lakota Drive West and Eagleridge Drive intersection. Since then additional roundabouts have been installed and more are being planned.

This alternative to typical at-grade intersections offers improved safety while keeping traffic flowing at slower speeds through the intersection. Some motorists may require a little tutoring on just how roundabouts function and how to best use them. So we’ve assembled a brochure that explains the benefits of a roundabout and how to approach, yield, enter, and exit a roundabout.

• Guide to Single-Lane Roundabouts with list of BCEO’s current & future roundabouts

• Intersection Safety (Roundabouts and Mini Roundabouts) – Federal Highway Administration provides Outreach/Education, Technical Materials, Research, and other resources for Roundabouts and Mini Roundabouts.

BCEO Roundabout Before/After Statistics – Statistical overview of how Butler County’s single-lane modern roundabouts are performing….A significant reduction in overall crashes and serious/fatal crashes.

West Chester Township provides an excellent educational video highlighting the benefits and safety rules for a roundabout.

Guide to Single-Lane Roundabouts


Roundabouts offer improved SAFETY over other at-grade intersection forms because they have fewer conflict points, slower speeds, and easier decision making. When comparing a roundabout to a signal, studies show that roundabouts provide a 90% reduction in fatal crashes, 75% reduction in injury crashes, 30-40% reduction in pedestrian crashes, and 10% reduction in bicycle crashes.


Roundabouts typically carry about 30% more vehicles than similarly sized signalized intersections during peak flow conditions. During off-peak conditions, they cause almost no delay, but traffic signals can cause delay to side street & left-turning traffic from the major street. Increased capacity at roundabouts is due to the continuously flowing nature of yielding only until a gap is available, versus waiting turns at a signal.

  1. SLOW DOWN and be prepared to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk.
  2. Pull up to Yield Line, look to the left and check for approaching traffic within the roundabout. CIRCULATING TRAFFIC HAS THE RIGHT-OF-WAY.
  3. Enter the roundabout when there is an adequate gap in traffic.
  1. Once you have entered the roundabout, proceed counterclockwise to your exit point. YOU now have the right-of-way.
  2. As you approach your exit, use your RIGHT TURN SIGNAL.
  3. Watch for pedestrians in crosswalk and be prepared to yield.

Feedback from Local Motorists


  • Centre Pointe Dr & West Chester Towne Center (2006)
  • University Dr & Dudley Dr (2007)
  • Hamilton Mason Rd & Liberty Fairfield Rd (2008)
  • Lakota Dr West & Eagleridge Dr (2008)
  • Jacksonburg Rd & Morganthaler Rd (2010)
  • Trenton Rd & Busenbark Rd (2011)
  • Kyles Station Rd & Lesourdsville West Chester Rd (2012)
  • Yankee Rd & Kyles Station Rd (2013)
  • Millikin Rd & Mauds Hughes Rd (2013)
  • SR 748 & Layhigh Rd (ODOT) (2015)
  • Eaton Rd & Beissinger Rd (2015)
  • Cincinnati Dayton Rd & Kyles Station Rd (2016)
  • Civic Centre Blvd & Bass Pro Dr (2017)
  • Princeton Rd & Yankee Rd (2017)
  • Beckett Rd & Smith Rd (2018)
  • Millikin Rd & Yankee Rd (2018)
  • Hamilton Mason Rd & Lesourdsville West Chester Rd (2018)
  • Hamilton Mason Rd & Gilmore Rd (2019)
  • Lesourdsville West Chester Rd & Beckett Ridge Blvd (2020)
  • SR 73 & Jacksonburg Rd (ODOT) (2021)


  • Butler Warren Rd & Barret Rd/Western Row Rd (2021)
  • Butler Warren Rd & West Chester Rd/ Socialville Foster (2021)
  • Millikin Rd & Lesourdsville West Chester Rd (South Leg) (2021)
  • Ohio 129/ Liberty Way & I-75 (2021)
  • Wayne Madison Rd & Trenton Rd (2021)
  • Hamilton Mason Rd & Tylersville Rd – Five Points (2022)
  • Princeton Rd & Mauds Hughes Rd (2023)
  • Stahlheber Rd & Morman Rd (2023)
  • Millikin Rd & Morris Rd (2024)
  • Millikin Rd @ Lesourdsville West Chester Rd (North Leg) (2026)


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