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A Job with Butler County Engineer’s Office?

We have to admit, we have a pretty great team here at Butler County Engineer’s Office, and we genuinely enjoy working together. We can understand why you would want to work with us, too! Check out our recent job openings and put your name in the hat to join our team!

A Special Hauling Permit for Overweight Vehicles?

If you’re using a heavy (overweight) vehicle for your project or moving an oversized load through Butler County, you’ll need a permit for that. A nominal permit fee helps us keep Butler County’s roads safe and in good condition for county citizens. Learn more about Special Hauling Permits and submit an application here.

A Driveway, Right-of-Way, Fence, Special Hauling, or Utility Permit?

A permit is required for all work performed within a road’s public right-of-way. There is no charge for Driveway and Right-of-Way Permits, and they are issued for proposed work that meets all County standards. You may also need a Fence Permit, Special Hauling Permit for overweight vehicles and/or a Utility Permit. Learn more about permits and how to submit here.

The webmaster?

Hit a dead end or a bump in road while navigating our site? Or if you have a suggestion for adding something useful, we want to know! Email us at [email protected] and tell us your thoughts.

A specific person or department at the Engineer’s Office?

View a full directory of personnel and departments online, and connect with any one of us directly by phone or email.

The County Engineer?

Butler County Engineer Greg Wilkens, PE, PS is a popular guy. No wonder he receives so many emails and phone calls! If you need to get in touch with Greg, please email [email protected] or call 513.867.5744 and we’ll patch you through.


We’ve created an entire library of resources about traffic and roadways, from speed and traffic studies to winter driving tips, bicycle safety, and more. Park here for searchable information.


Roundabouts improve safety and traffic flow through intersections across the county. See all the current roundabout locations in Butler County and learn how to navigate them here on our roundabouts page.

Road closings and construction in my area?

We created this handy map that shows in real-time all BCEO project information, road closings, detours, and construction updates.  You can even see what improvements are coming in the next few years!

Projects and what county roads will be paved in my area?

See where we’re working now, and where we’re heading with a look at all of our current and future projects HERE.

The Engineer’s Office?

Who are we? What do we do? Why are we here? These are all existential questions, yes, but for the BCEO, the answers can be found here.

A pothole?

You can let us know about a pothole or any other County road maintenance issue by clicking here.

A street light outage?

Street light outages can occur from storms, accidents, and many other reasons. To help protect those in your community, first, check our Traffic Signal Maintenance List to see if the intersection at issue is one that the BCEO maintains. If so, please report the outage here. If the intersection is not on our maintenance list, you can report a street light outage by contacting Duke Energy here. We appreciate your help when identifying outages.

A traffic light outage?

Traffic lights are a big part of our daily lives. Outages can occur from storms, accidents, and for many other reasons. To help protect those in your community you can report a traffic light outage by clicking here. We appreciate your help when identifying outages.

A mailbox with snowplow damage?

Sometimes, mailbox damage can occur from clearing snow with our plows. If your mailbox is damaged during our routine service, please contact us immediately after the snow event at [email protected] or 513.867.5744 and we’ll get that fixed for you.

A new address for my house or property?

You can request a new address by contacting the BCEO by email at [email protected] or phone at 513.867.5744.

A county map?

The Engineer’s Office has a variety of maps available – including large color wall maps for purchase and the always-free Official Butler County Transportation Map booklet. View available maps here on the Public Records page.

A copy of a public record or property information?

From tax and subdivision plats to land surveys and aerial photographs, Butler County Engineer’s Office maintains permanent copies of various public records. View all the available types of public records and request copies here on the Public Records page.

Mailbox Construction and Installation Regulations

When it comes to mailbox construction and installation, it’s important to adhere to the regulations set by township, county, and state officials. These regulations ensure that the mailboxes are in compliance with safety, USPS, and Ohio Dept. of Transportation specifications and drawings. See more HERE:


Tax Map Information – Plat, Surveys, Etc.

You’ll find what you’re looking for by clicking on Tax Map from the yellow menu bar above (mobile phone Hamburger menu on top right). Search by Last name First name, Parcel #, or address. Should you have questions, we’ll be glad to help when you contact us here.

Snow & Ice Stats?

Our Snow & Ice crews take your safety seriously when it comes to cold temps and snow!  Click here for the latest snow event stats and information about our snow and ice control methods.

the Benchmarks Map?

Where in the world is Butler County’s Benchmarks Map? Simply click here to reach our Map Request page and scroll to the DOWNLOADS section to download the Benchmarks Map KMZ file opened in Google Earth.

Current Bridge Restrictions/Truck Weight Limits?

To protect our roads and bridges, we provide resources to keep you aware of the latest bridge restrictions and postings here. 

What roads are maintained by Butler County?

From College Corner to Pisgah and everywhere in between, BCEO maintains a lot of roads throughout the county. View a list of all Butler County-maintained roads here.

Bid information and results?

View project bid advertisements in the Announcements. To see the current list of contract awards and to submit a bid for a future project, view and follow the instructions on the Contractors page.

The annual report?

Find the most recent BCEO Annual Report, as well as reports from the past 5 years here. Need to request an older annual report? Contact us at [email protected] , and we’ll dig into the archives for you.

To an RFQ?

Our consultant selection is an annual qualifications-based process. Each fall, the BCEO solicits interest from firms by publicly announcing a Request for Qualifications for the following year. Read the policy and instructions for submitting a qualifications packet here on the Work with BCEO page, and be sure to check out our listing of RFQ Announcements.

A bid for a project?

To submit a bid for a future project, follow the CONTRACTORS instructions on the Work with BCEO page. View project bid advertisements on the Bid Announcements page.

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