County Engineer Wins Ohio Safety Award

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County Engineer Wins Ohio Safety Award

News Releases

December 21, 2021

Butler County Engineer Greg Wilkens was recently recognized for heightening safety on Butler County roads by the County Engineers Association of Ohio (CEAO). Presented by County Commissioner Cindy Carpenter, he received the CEAO David P. Brand Safety Award for his “dedication to improving the safety of county roads and intersections, and coordinating and promoting safety along all local and state roads.”  CEAO Executive Director Dean Ringle said Wilkens is “worthy of this commendation because his use of roundabouts has significantly reduced crashes in Butler County. This was a timely recognition by his peers in Ohio who have also nominated him for the national award.”

To bring proven safety and efficiency to problematic intersections, Wilkens built the county’s first modern roundabout in 2006 and, to date, has installed 23 roundabouts on the Butler County road system. In addition, six neighborhood traffic circles and one completed roundabout built by the Ohio Department of Transportation total 30 roundabouts on state, county, and township roads. 

For 20 plus years as Butler County Engineer, Greg Wilkens has stayed true to his mission of “working hard to ensure motorist safety while supporting the continued growth of a strong local economy.” Foresight, experience in funding procurement, and collaborative township relationships enable him to significantly improve and maintain county infrastructure that offers safety, efficiency, and longevity.



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